IKIER K1 - how often do I need to clean the lens?

How often should I clean the lens of my diode laser and how do I know when to clean it?

It is dependent whether you have air support and whether the lens is dirty. I mean I cleaned my diodelaser lens once a week or so …

I use air support for cuts, not for engraving… I use my laser around twice a week, not more.

I have always used air, especially with MDF it is important, smoke is very heavy and sticky.
Otherwise, just be aware of whether your cut is as it always is, if it is not so nice anymore, it could be time to clean.

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I think it very much depends on the use. Some materials and processes are extremely dirty while others are quite clean.

I’d guess I’ve got something in the neighborhood of 50 hours on my K1 Pro, about 50/50 wood engraving and slate. I ALWAYS use some level of air and inspect the lens every 10 hours or so.

I have not yet cleaned it once. Still looks brand new to me. Caveat Emptor.

The frame, rods, and especially nozzle exterior and focusing “wart” have been cleaned several times, tho.

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