Ikier K1 Pro (22W)

I am about to buy a new diode laser and I’m looking at the Ikier K1 pro 22W. This fits well within my budget. Any experience with this machine? Is it value for money or would you buy another brand / model?

Unless you have to have the bed size, I’d seriously consider a Roly Automation 20W. Much better quality control and support, more features, better beam quality. Similar price.

I have the Ikier 20W. It runs good now, but the journey to this point was a bit rough and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about the beam quality. Very rectangular. Makes nice fitting joints difficult.

Hi Chris,

I didn’t know Roxy before, checked their website and the 20W is almost twice as expensive as the Ikier. The other thing is that I can’t get them in Europe, so they have to be shipped out of the US. This means extra costs on shipping, import fees and VAT. I will keep an eye on the brand but for what I have found so far is quite expensive compared to the Ikier. Your remark about the beam quality is noted, thanks! I will keep that in mind!

Sorry. I thought the costs were much closer…both around USD1000.

The Ikier is OK. Typical Chinese quality and support issues. For the price, I’m not sure you can actually find a better feature set. The Z axis is wonderful feature. As long as you don’t mind going thru it completely and fixing the manufacturing errors, it’s a pretty solid design. The beam quality is going to be a grab-bag, same as all the other Chinese units. I figure they all come from one or two factories and they just put on a different wrapper.

Atezr L2 is the same machine with different color and trim pieces.

Oh. Sainsmart just announced a new machine that’s nearly a clone of the Roly. Possibly something to look at. Not sure about pricing, but I would imagine Sainsmart is available in EU and probably priced a bit lower than Roly.

Thanks Chris, it is difficult to make a decision because there are many machines on the market and I only have experience with a simple 10W laser tree module on a 3018 pro (cnc). The laser tree is not bad at all but the more you use it, the more features I am missing and I want to upgrade for a bit. I’ve looked at many youtube videos and haven’t made up my mind yet. Thanks for your input!

This Ikier 20W is my first laser (tho I have experience with CNC and 3D printing). I can say that I am looking to get a 5W machine for smaller or more detailed work. The spot size on the quad and hex diode machines is larger than I was really prepared for. The advertised sizes are ALL hopelessly optimistic.

FYI, the Ikier 24W is currently € 650 (= $ 697).

I have heard your comments about the Ikier and that made me check a few models on their spot size but it looks like they’re all kind of the same. I’m keeping my small 10W laser but I have ordered the Ikier 24W +case, it will get here later this week.

I also have another 5W laser unit laying around, will also give that a try for engraving. I mainly make panels / front plates from 4 mm black acrylic, spray paint them and engrave the text and symbols.

Yes, the advertised spot sizes are typically the same (or nearly) for a given power class. Mine is considerably wider than advertised, which makes accurate joinery difficult. It also seems down on power slightly, but power ratings are usually ± 10% and with a compromised diode/optic alignment, I’m losing a bit of energy to that as well.

It does a nice job overall now, but I can’t say I was thrilled with the quality control and headaches getting it to run right.

Keep us updated!

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The K1 PRO got here yesterday, setup was easy, almost the whole thing was done, only had to install the X bar and the wires. Was up and running within 15 minutes.

They must have revised assembly and packaging. Mine was in a dozen pieces. Fine by me. I like building stuff.

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