Ikier K1 pro fibre laser, not a great machine, at least mine isn’t

I bought one of these, even though there were no reviews (worth the name) out there, as I prefer a gantry system over the (much faster) galvo options out there, I have never been afraid of early adoption, and have had previously had great experiences of Atomstack products, so I sold my previous Atomstack products, and my very hard won savings and bought one.

This was a huge mistake.

After a two week delay on the machine…plus rotary devices, it arrived.

I set it up…eventually, the manual is very lacking in detail , and what there is, well, it’s not great.

The screen didn’t work, but I could run it from lightburn, so I focused it up, more on that later, and fired it up.
It’s ok, not as crisp as i expected, not quite as clear as the R30v2 which it replaced.
Atomstack asked for video of the faulty screen, which I sent. The laser mounts very poorly, as unless you are only working on thin material it’s very difficult, or impossible to mount the head to the slide, without only using one of the two mounting points, which is not a particularly stable solution, and leaving no adjustment.
To overcome this, I had to mount the unit on blocks.
To use the rotary devices would involve stilts, so they are still in the box.
The next day, after a couple of hours experimenting, the laser stopped functioning!
Nothing, Red focus lights, but no laser.
I asked for a refund.
They asked for videos…which I sent.
They attempted to blame my focussing skills and asked for more video at their parameters…still nothing.
No response to my request for a refund, but they said they would send me a screen.

Remember at this point I have only my CO2 so I am letting customers down…some I have now lost forever.

I did the usual, turned it off and on again, reinstalled lightburn, checked all connections, and jiggled the screen plugs.
Atomstack said they would replace parts, but I wanted a refund…losing business, and income here!
Next day the screen AND laser came back on, and I was elated, got a sheet of stainless, and started working on some designs two hours later…laser went down.
Atomstack asked for more video, and would only replace the unit…after asking if it could be a fuse, no, it’s making a noise like a model jet engine, and had I tried measuring the focal length as they are critical on fibre. I am aware of this, and had been very careful lining the two dots up.
While this is ok on wood, but on stainless, or aluminium, they are virtually invisible.
When I did measure with my callipers, the red dots were 3 or 4 mm apart.
It was then that I noticed that the light surfaces seemed to have been butchered by whoever had set it up, very poorly!
The laser came back on! But my confidence is gone in the machine, is gone now, and I have lost nearly half the cost of the machine in revenue.

They said if I send the head back to them, they will send me another when it returns.
This is not happening, as I pointed out.
My refund was skirted around again…so I went to my payment provider (I always use a credit card for the protection it provides).
They are still asking to replace, but I am not willing to accept that, as I can’t risk losing the customers I still have!
I live with a disability and find winning customers very hard to do, so this is heartbreaking.
I am no longer speaking with them, and letting my card company sort it out, they have videos, photos, and emails, so hopefully the intermittently operating machine will be gone soon.

When it does work, and I can focus it, which seems to be quite different to the measurements they give, the R module could be induced to to produce slightly different colours by altering focus, power and speed, this seems almost impossible with my machine as there is very little to be won at any point just slightly different shades of grey.

They are welcome to the machine back, once I have my money back and can buy a machine that is suitable for me, ie, one that works every time I attempt to use it!

I hope this is a rogue machine, as intermittent problems are very difficult to deal with, and this is an awful lot of money if it’s just a hobby machine.

I would be very interested to hear from other users


Huge Thank You for taking the time to write that review.

I don’t have any experience about that product, and after reading Your review, I have a hunch that I won’t be any time soon either.

I do have to say that I was very intrigued when I ran across this new offering from Atomstack/Ikier.
And because the experiences with Atomstack CS I’ve read about have been rather good, I assumed it’d be a sweet addition (/replacement) for my XTool D1 20W.

Unlike You, I’m very unconfortable in taking a guinea pig position though, so I decided to wait and see how the unit actually performs.

While it’s possible that Yours was just a random dud, the Atomstack CS should’ve IMO handled the issue very differently.
That kind of behaviour makes at least me think very hard about purchasing any of their products.
Just as it does about purchasing anything again from XTool.
Since everyone pretty much sell the same product (for approximately the same price) in slightly different packages, CS is really the field they can compete.

As strange as it feels like, I do have a hunch that most of these companies don’t seem to grasp the reality that many of their customers actually use their products in a (semi-)commercial capacity, or even rely on the income these machines produce as a commercial user would.
And that with their marketing pretty solidly driven by the claims that their product will be a profit making machine.
Hobbyists like me are a different target group, but IMO not a lesser one even though downtime isn’t as critical for us as it is for a commercial user.

Sure, the relative price of these machines is rather low IMO, and the advertising is nowadays dubious at best, but at least I feel that a non working unit should be replaced ASAP, no matter the intended application.

I do hope that You can get at least some of the customers that You lost back, and possibly a new working fiber laser at some point.
And of course I do hope that the budget fiber lasers will eventually be as reliable as the other budget diode lasers.



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Thanks for the heads up…

I’ve had lots of fun with my fiber, so it’s disappointing that yours wasn’t up to par.

I have kept my eye on these, just out of curiosity.

If you wish to do the job on metals with color, for control you actually need a MOPA that allows frequency/q-pulse settings. The JPT source for these are about $2500 US for 20W.

You can see why I was interested in the lower cost models.

Hope this gets resolved for you… please keep us informed.

I think, generally, the fiber sources we have now are as dependable as dpssl visible types. My JPT MTBF is rated at 100,000 hours… probably out last me. They seem to be lasting in industry…

Don’t remember seeing a MTBF for these, but there must have been.


I know they are at the hobby end of the price spectrum, and the majority of my repeat work is on my Co2 machine, which I feed, like a starving cat.
This was for small runs of product, and mainly personal projects and experiments in burning perfectly good materials until they are useless.

I just expect it to work reliably. It was ok for a day, then stopped again for no reason.
It’s a random fault somewhere, but the damage to the focus arms tells me this was very early batch, and I paid full price…so i expect proper CS.

I would have been happy if they had said, “box it up, swap it with the courier” as it was ONE day old.
This is a rogue machine, I am sure the others will be fine. But if two parts are faulty, it’s a complete replace to me.

It’s a rogue, early production machine.
They had every opportunity to rectify it, but sadly, haven’t.

I know MOPA is the only way to guarantee colour marking, but my 2w head for my earlier machine could be positioned/tweaked/cajoled, into colour marking…a little!
I just expected this to be similar.

I wouldn’t jump on the “rogue machine” wagon myself. Too many people with Ikier and Atezr machines reporting the same problems. You are just one of many on this one forum.

A better term is intermittent. Sorry to hear this… nothing is worse than trying to fix something that’s intermittent.

Good luck


You are correct.

It did it’s wonderful thing again today…halfway through a test piece on acrylic, nothing.
The laser just stopped emitting light.

The noise from the magic box continued…it just did nothing.

Another stern email tonight, then it’s a YouTube review, as I would hate anyone else to get caught out like this.

£1300 might not be much to some of you, but I have to finance this from sale of existing equipment, and profits from my tiny business, as a life on disability payments is not the most luxurious!

I’ve had terrible results with the few pieces of acrylic that I’ve tried with mine. Of course all I have is clear acrylic, which is the probable reason.

Magic noise? I went back through the posts a few times and don’t remember or was able to find where you have mentioned a noise… You probably did, but I must of missed it.

Could you reiterate?

In my view of these… the facts are much more believable than someone else’s suspicion/speculation. If you have a rouge machine, then it’s an unusual occurrence and probably won’t happen to me…

I’ve watched a bunch of these…

It’s also clear when you watch one of these they are targeting a gripe at customer service, sales, quality control or whatever.

Most effective, show them what lead to your conclusion, without telling them your conclusion… They aren’t dumb, they will likely come to a similar conclusion.

This is a much more powerful message when it’s the viewers own personal conclusion…

I wouldn’t make book (bet) on it…

I don’t think it matters if you are wealthy or not, you expect to get what you paid for.

If you had to sell other items to finance this one or just go further into debt, it just makes it worse.

Add to that an actual loss of income and retired/disabled compounds that.

Don’t think we don’t feel for you…

Unfortunately I’m not like our Government.

I just can’t print more money when I need it or I’d print and send you some :crazy_face:

Good luck


The noise is just the fans, etc, of a fibre laser, and a gantry machine…only what’s expected.

I am always very careful to ly e factually correct when saying something negative of a review…this is their living, I have NO interest in causing problems, or being destructive. I do believe that this is a rogue machine, I have always loved my Atomstack stuff…hence buying this.
I didn’t want a galvo machine, they ARE faster, and portable, but I am more interested in being able to engrave the (quite large) products I produce, so this is more than a little upsetting for me.

Clear acrylic…I have messed around quite extensively, and having the focus dead centre of the material, speed 2400, freq 50, and power 25-30% depending on thickness…fill with crasshatch, line spacing 0.05-9.
This gives a nice central “burn” with no surface disturbance.

Thank you for your kind words…much appreciated, and it’s always good to know decent people are out there!

After over a month, during which I have lost all of my customers for this machine, the replacement machine arrived!!

Sadly it was yet another example of the Ikier/Atomstack superb quality control !

After the wonderful suggestion’s regarding a software issue on this fine forum, I resolved a niggling software fault.
One of them came up with the suggestion that perhaps the beam, and alignment lasers were mismatched, I went and tested this…assuming it HAD to be software, as even the most incompetent ape wouldn’t send something like this out without an alignment check… right?


I had a good look, this one is 5mm out on X and 2 on y.

This is really annoying, but being a practical chap, I thought it would be easily fixed some faffing about with the alignment lasers.
These are each on slotted mounts, and are adjustable in all directions.
Sounds simple? Well to adjust the Y axis the direction lasers been to be removed, as they obscure the screws. I go to do this, annnd, the lasers are held with some kind of obscurely shaped mounting bolt…so no way to do it. This goes some way to solving the mystery of the scratched alignment lasers on my first machine.

To say that I am annoyed is an understatement, as even with that remedied, the focal length of these is so short that this is going to be a nightmare to complete.
Add to that, the only way to get to that focal length is to have the unit mounted at the very top of the clamp, with over 75% of the travel used up…great if you want to engrave only things less than 1 cm tall. Noting like the one depicted in ads!

My advice to anyone considering one of these, wait for V2, this one is deeply flawed.

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