Ikier k1 pro max wont connect to LB

i am kind of new

i have an X tool but just got an Ikier and i cant get LB to find it i have tried downloading the driver it fails on 2 computers. i have tries to update firmware by installing it on the memory stick and it does not do anything.

any help would be appreciated


I had the same problem with my K1 Pro when I got it, and I had a brand new Win 11 laptop. I found it was the USB cable. Not very good quality. The connection was very loose and when I played around with it then it finally saw it. Might try a different cable.

Thanks man I got it work on a the 3rd laptop with a brand new cord. I think the issue is the driver on the other 2 computers.

something to consider too
If usbC on 1 end of the supplier cable, many times these machines are USBC terminal but wired on USB 2.0
Therefore the rotation of the cable does matter

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