Ikier Ultra error:11 Max characters per line exceeded. Line was not processed and executed

Hi there,
this really drives me crazy and i spent the whole saturday trieng to fix it. As you might imagine without success.
I`m pretty new to lasers and cnc routers at all. But i bought a ikier ultra and lightburn hoping i could learn a lot.

After sucessfully installes the hardware and lightburn talks to the ikier ultra i received the following error:
Max characters per line exceeded. Line was not processed and executed.

This came up anytime i try to fire this job. I tried to laser this one:

This is the welcome screen in console:

It looks everything alright. I can move left / right and top to bottom without Problems. So xy and z axis works as expected.
Does anyone have a idea how to fix this?


Could you please post the following
a) Edit → settings take screenshot
b) Edit → device settings. take screenshot
c) Full screenshot of your lightubrn with the design open please

@gilaraujo sure. here yu go:

one issue you have is you are printing a grid but using current position center. you should use abosolute coordenates so you can replicate in future
Current position has no binding to machine coordinates

The error is peculiar though, do you have configured your ikier manually, top GRBL controller yes?

yes, i configured it manually.

I changed it already yesterday to absolute but the error came up aswell. It comes up immeditaely right the second when i fire up the job.

does this happen on ALL jobs or just that one, try somethig simple stupid
2 boxes 1 in fill 1 in line 1% power

does that also give error?

I will try it this evening. I forgot to mention… the controller gives me this error:
Machine exceeds maximum range of motion.

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