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This topic has been discussed before, but the resolution seems to always have been to use a more recent version of LightBurn. I’m using 1.2.01, with Adobe Illustrator 26.5, the latest version. Every file I import from Illustrator to LightBurn produces double lines for every object. The lines are in the same level and cause my xtool to burn double. I have fill set to null, and my object lines are all set to 1 px. Still doubles everything when imported.

Hi Dan,

Have you confirmed there are no duplicate lines in the .ai file? Would you mind attaching an example so we could take a look?

No duplicates that I can see. The “upload” function here tells me my Ai file in not the right format. I have uploaded the LightBurn file. Is there a way to send you my Ai file?
Double Demo.lbrn2 (93.2 KB)

Just change the file extension to .txt and we’ll change it back to .ai over here to test it.

#1BQuarterInchFamKen.txt (1.2 MB)

I’ve checked your AI file in Inkscape and Affinity Designer (tried in Corel 2018 but it hangs) and it does indeed contain duplicated objects. I get this a lot when exporting CorelDraw designs but fortunately LightBurn has a very handy ‘Delete Duplicates’ command.

Before saving the file from Illustrator try setting your path stroke width/weight to none or 0pt.

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I’ll give that a try. I didn’t know the with could go below 1pt, which is what I’ve been using. Thanks.

That did the trick. Thank you!

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