I'm at wits end... Help please

All I want to do is Engrave in Hobby board I cant seem to get anything to burn well. Are there any basic settings that I am Missing? I set Speed to 1000 Smax to 280
Not sure of any other settings to change. I’m using inch.
Atom Stack Pro Plus.

Yes 40W
1/8" craft wood

By the way it works in Lasergrbl
I’m sure it’s a setting I just don’t know where.

Can you describe what you mean by this? In what way is it not burning well?

What are the units for this?

Are you saying that you changed the S Max Value in Device Settings? If so, why? Normally this would match the value of $30 in your GRBL configuration which is likely 1000 for your machine. Check this in Machine Settings. Lowering S Value Max would limit you to top off at 28% of your full power which may be the issue that you’re having.

If you want to simulate how LaserGRBL functions you’ll need to use “Constant Power” setting in the cut layer.

OK got it working really nice engraving setting’s as follows
Line interval 0.1MM
Speed - 5000
Max power - 70%
Mode Jarvis
Pass - 1


So others who might have the same machine and same problem can solve their problem, can you post what you did to get it to work and also mark the post as SOLVED?

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