Im back ...again lol

So, I don’t know if I’m just a jinx or what :joy::roll_eyes:, but I was doing well with the white tile method for a minute, and then bam, one day, I just… set myself back. Not sure how, but it was so bad that I even reset the laser, thinking that would fix the problem. But, nah, not even close. So, here I am. I included an old LightBurn file of the same image I had success in engraving a few times until whatever happened, accompanying this post. Tomorrow, I’ll follow up with some pics. I am a member of a few groups on FB, but I’ve tried what they suggested, and no success or very little. The belt issue has come up, but to me, the belt feels snug, and it seems to move. But, I don’t know how easy it should move, meaning manually. I don’t use much force when moving it, but it’s not super easy to move.
That’s what confuses me. Is it supposed to have some resistance, or is it supposed to easily move with little force?
armydads.lbrn2 (1.2 MB)