Im having an issue with my K40 and Lightburn

Thanks for allowing me to join. I have an issue that is driving me nuts. I have been using my K40 with a C3D board and Lightburn software since last summer. Today when I started it up something flashed about trial being over. I bougt the software like 6 months ago. The laser no longer goes to home either. It goes to the top but instead of the upper left hand corner it goes to upper middle. I have tried everything I can think of at this point and was hoping I could find some help here.

If you haven’t run it on this machine in a while it may have just not been in communication with the server for a while, but that resets quickly.

For the homing issue, I would post that on the C3D forum, as it sounds like a hardware issue - LightBurn just issues the command to home the board, but doesn’t have anything to do with how the board executes the homing command after that.

It seems like the workspace has shifted. Home is no longer in the back left, the jog buttons no longer work in the proper direction. Can I delete Lightburn and reinstall. I o longer have any reference to my license? Could the files on the C3D SD card need replaced? Im lost (again)

“Home is no longer in the back-left” - That’s a setting in the controller itself, not LightBurn. If your controller is homing to the wrong corner, it’s a machine config issue, not a LightBurn issue.

For the record, deleting and re-installing LightBurn is basically never useful. All the prefs are stored in a location that survives this process, otherwise you’d lose everything every time you upgraded versions. If you want to “reset” LightBurn, you have to delete the user prefs.

And yes, the files on the C3D itself could need replacing, particularly if you’ve done something weird to the configuration.

Regarding the license, if you bought your license from me I can look it up. If you bought it with the C3D, they can do this for you. Search your inbox for an email from either LightBurn or Cohesion3D and you’ll likely find it.

I did buy it from you around 10/2018

I don’t see an order under your name. Would you have ordered it with a different name or under a business?

Maybe Panama Penworks. Im thinking the C3D maybe junk. I can’t find information about the sd card files with a external stepper adapter so I may junk the whole thing.

That would be like using a sledgehammer instead of a flyswatter. It sounds like it could be as simple as a loose wire to the endstops or a motor driver. You’d be much better off simply waiting for C3D to help you diagnose the problem you have instead of swapping it and getting a bunch of new problems.

I know right, but thinking of scrapping the whole machine, been so many issues over the years.

Now it seems to home but the Y axis runs in the exact opposite direction it supposed to. A static problem is one thing but this seems to be dynamic now.

OK now I do have a valid question, I think. When I look at the grid in Lightburn there is a small green box at the upper right hand corner. I seem to remember it being at the lower right hand corner. Can I adjust this?


Ok that didnt do it. It will home now but if I use the positioner to move the head to the lower right of the grid it goes to the upper left. Ill have to stand on my head LOL it will follow a design though

That likely means you’ve set the device origin point in the software incorrectly. It should be front-left. You would change that in Edit -> Device Settings.

I haven’t touched that since I set the thing up months ago. But Bang! you were dead right. Me thinks there has been a child involved. Beatings for all. LOL Thank you so very much!!!

If you’ve “scatter posted” about this, you should mention the fix on all of them so people understand this was basically user error, not a bad board.