I'm having problems with connecting my laser engraver to my computer

I’ve been using a relative’s Eleksmaker mana se v3.2 laser engraver for a while now, and It has for some reason stopped working. It will not connect to my computer (Omen Laptop) to laser engrave an image. I have tried troubleshooting it multiple times repeatedly, I’m not sure why it won’t connect.
The console just keeps saying, “Waiting for Connection”.

If anyone has an Idea of what the problem is please tell me, If I just need a new laser engraver than let me know. Have a nice day.

Screenshot 2021-11-25 194132
Screenshot 2021-11-25 194158

So I looked in the device manager in windows, it didn’t find anything, and I plugged it in and out a few times. I went to Light Burn and it didn’t show up. Is there any other reason my port isn’t showing up? or my laser isn’t being found?

I couldn’t find the USB-SERIAL CH340 driver, I don’t know whether or not it’s installed (Can you send me a link or something to get the drivers?) I also changed the cables out a couple times. I also had another board, and switched that out, nothing happened.

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