I'm having trouble with my jtech laser and lightburn.

So I’ve got everything hooked up correctly as far as I can tell. My laser will fire manually if I flip the mini slide switch on the front of the laser (controller?) unit that attaches to the onefinity controller. I followed up the Jtech/Lightburn setup guide to a T. Using windows 10 with direct USB. Upgraded to the new version 1.0.01 still nothing. This is my first go as I just got my machine setup in the last week or so.

The error says I may be missing a required driver. Any idea what that could be? I’m not having much luck searching the forums on my own. Thanks in advance!

LightBurn does not support direct connection to the OneFinity controller at this time. You need to save GCode and run it from their software.

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That must’ve been the missing link for ADHD brain :wink: Works like a charm!

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