I'm take a Golden Laser and reworking it to a Ruida Controler 6445G

I have been working to replace the mother board with a Ruida 6445G, I have the X and Y moving and homing. But can not find how to tell it what the table size is 1300x700, Next is the get the 2 tube laser running too, Any help on find what the wiring is for the laser are.

Have you referenced the LightBurn documentation on this?
Configuring A Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

There are parameters for Max Travel for both X and Y that determine work dimensions.

Are you referencing the actual CO2 tube? There are typically only 2 terminals on the tube, a positive anode (connects to thicker red wire) and a negative cathode (connects to thinner black wire). Both of those are connected to the high voltage side of the LPS.

were do I find work dimensions,

I think I want to replace both the laser tubes and power supply at the same time too

Did you follow the link that I posted? It links to the documentation that shows how to do this. There are separate parameters for X and Y max travel.

Is this a “while you’re in there” type of thing or for some other reason? It’s likely not required for the conversion unless something is not functional.

The Ruida controller manual shows several different wiring schemes based on your needs.

I’d agree with @berainlb. If you make the conversion and leave the two tubes/lps alone, it will ensure that what is did not change was correct…

Get the controller in and working, then worry about the lasers…

Here’s the manual for the 6445.

Good luck


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