Im trying to engrave an image, but full canvas opens?

Ive edited some images in Clip paint pro and saved them in BMP format.
When i import them into lightburn the full blank canvas opens even if i made the background transparent in clip studio pro? It shows as a white rectangle which was the canvas in Clip paint pro.
It engraves fine but when i try to add lots of them to my workspace i have to spread them out due to the canvas been on show and overlapping other designs.
What shouls i have done in clip paint pro?

I’m not familiar with Clip Paint Pro exactly on this but you’ll want to set the image size to only the size that you want imported. Sounds like you’re exporting the full image size. Note that transparency does not mean non-existent, it just designates a transparent pixel.

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I think its because i made a canvas and edited the design on there. Then when i imported into lightburn i get the full canvas with the design.
Ill try a transparency on the canvas and save in PNG, if that dont work ill crop the canvas and change size before importing

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