I'm trying to fill around text

I have a box with another box inside. The inside box has outlined text. I want to fill the inside box but leave the text. I’ve been through the forum and couldn’t find anything about that.

Thanks for any help,
Ernie Hodge

This should help:

I think that fixed the issue. I just shut down my laser and tomorrow is a long day at the Moffitt Cancer Center (My wife). I will try a burn Tuesday and see what happens.

Thank you for your help,
Ernie Hodge

Im having the same problem, and I don’t quite understand your solution. I have a ying yang symbol and I cannot fill one side without also filling the circle imbedded in that side.

Provide the LBRN file for review. Will be easier to show you with your own file depending on how you have built it.

To do that, you’d need to make one side a closed teardrop shape, and the other side would just be a line, like this:


It looks like this when filled:

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Oz, Thanks for the help. That was what I needed and it worked great.

Ernie Hodge

I think I am trying the same thing and have never had a problem with this. As you can see from the pics, I just want the inside of the letters to remain blank (thus drew a line), the outside I want filled. I am confused as how to override the middles.


Make them green, so they become holes in the green layer, instead of additional cuts. This post illustrates this well:

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