Imag-r problems with login

Tonight I was right in the middle of a project in imagr. and that site locked up on me big time. I had to close the program and reopen it. After that when I tried to log in, it told me that I had a mismatch on logging in. I tried logging 3 times, no good. So I turned around and got my trusted dell with lynx 3.17 something. It’s old, works really good for me. Anyway, I tried to log in and it said reset password, so I did. Had no problem logging in. Now my old lynix won’t run ortur so I have to use my old BEAST. A pc that a friend of mine built for me when Windows first came out with 7-pro. (I think my pc has grand kids by now) but it runs ortur and light burn with no problems. Now I have never installed Imag-r on my dell at all. So now after signing in to imagr on my dell I logged out and tried to log in on my windows 7 pc. When I tried to log in, imagr tells me that I have no lic. no activation and no time left. Any ideas why I’m having this trouble??? OH-- I just bought on to Imagr about 10 days ago and I bought a 6 month lic.

Imag-r is very problematic for me also.
I have given up on it.
Use LightBurn exclusively.

hello JV: I got my first laser on May 10th. a master-2 / 7 watt. On May the 20th. my second laser came
in, Master-2 / 15 watt. I know nothing about cad programs and so far have found nothing on how to make the buttons work for me. Yes I figured out enough to get done with what I needed. (with lightburn) . What I don’t know is: will LB convert/invert a photo to a neg. looking thing? what about back ground removal ? Man I can come up with so many questions it drives me crazy. At 66 years of age I’m already crazy enough, (lol). Have you found any way to get instructions from LB other than watch the videos? Imagr was really making me happy until now. I also bought into gimp? Only problem there is that after I paid money to them, I got my lic. key thing and guess what, no matter what I do gimp won’t take my key number. so much for getting a response back from those rip offs.

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