Imag-R vs. LightBurn

  1. I’m trying to burn an image using black on white painted canvas. What do you suggest to use to process the image Imag-R or LightBurn?

  2. If I process the image in ImageR first, should I use high resolution, grey scale, and pass through in LightBurn?

  3. If I only use LightBurn for black on white canvas, what are the main parameters you suggest to use?

I appreciate your feedback.


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If you are using IMAG-R and you bring it into Lightburn, click on the “PASS-THROUGH” slider and that will allow the settings from the IMAG-R file to be used instead of the LIGHTBURN settings. You will notice that when you click it, the “image mode” will be greyed out.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your quick reply and yes I did not turn on the pass through. It made a huge difference on pictures resolution. Thank you.

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