Image adjust mirrors image in preview?

I either missed something or this is some sort of bug…
Why the preview image is mirrored ?

Ok, same problem with different image.
And the culprit is Photoshop (?). For whatever reason JPGs exported from PS2021 show mirrored in “Adjust Image” preview window.
Done an experiment, imported same picture into GIMP and exported back into JPG, and LB previews it correctly.

I went on and imported both PS and GIMP exports into LB on the same page, PS one mirrors, GIMP one doesn’t…

I am not sure what is the problem ? LB import filter ? PS export filter ?

Both JPGs look exactly the same in IrfanView, both import everywhere just fine (CorelDraw, PS, LB, Gimp), but only LB has this weirdness going on with PS images…

PS adjusting window:

GIMP adjusting window:

Thank you for the further investigation work. This should be helpful in tracking down a resolution. :slight_smile:

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