Image and completed burn not the same

I was testing a design for speed and power and when I burned it something weird happened. I’ll be including to images. The ‘Image’ is in LightBurn. The ‘Burned’ is how it came out on wood. I didn’t take a picture because this is a private design and I don’t want it to get loose. There are two more double line elements in the design that were off set like the rings and the rings didn’t quite complete as well as some of the outlined text.

I read another thread and in there they mentioned having Tabs turned off. I checked in my cut panel and it says either Automatic or manual and mine is set to Manual.

If anyone ‘needs’ an actual picture it will have to be tomorrow.

Thanks for any help,
Ernie Hodge

Image in LightBurn:


A photo of the actual output would help. This could either be from a beam reflection off the nozzle, or just from the laser skipping / motors losing steps when transitioning between cuts, which happens often if the acceleration or travel speed is too aggressive.

I’ll get a picture tomorrow. Speed was 900 and power was 100.

As an FYI, 900 is not a speed. 900 HPH is and so is 900mm/min. You need to include the distance over time.

I had the time to get a picture of what’s happening. I’m sure it’s something I have set wrong but I’m still learning LightBurn. The two center rings have a small gap on the right side.

did you set the speed to mm/min and not mm/sec?
40x40 inch… are you sure all belts are tight and screws fixed?

Yes, speed is set to mm/min. I didn’t think about the belts but I know the screws are tight. It’s early here so after I get set for the day I will check the belts. It’s a new laser so I don’t know about how the belts may stretch. Thanks for the reminder.

I’m also re-tracing my image to make sure I did that correct.

OK, the Y axis belts were both a little loose so they are tightened. I also snugged up the X axis belt.
Did a test burn and here’s where I am now.

Thank you for any help,
Ernie Hodge

Try slowing down - 100 mm/sec (6000 mm/min) might be fast depending on how the hardware is built.

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