Image and Fill layer question

I was wondering if there is any way to combine layers for a single pass output. For instance, I have a FILL layer on my blue layer setting. I also have an IMAGE on the same layer with the SAME power and speed settings as the FILL.

Right now it does the FILL layer, and then has to circle back and do another whole pass for the image. It would be so much more efficient if there was a way to do both the fill and the image in the same pass and save a good 30+ minutes on my run. I completely understand that the power/speed settings would have to be the same. The time savings would be awesome in cases like this!


There is no way to do this at present. It’s something that I’d like to try, but quite a few things would have to align for it to work this way - You could only use dithering, and the fill & image parts would need to have identical power, speed, interval, angle, overscan, and possibly a few other settings, depending on hardware.

You could try making the blue parts a raster image too, and only make the cut lines vectors. That way you could treat them as one.

Thanks! It sure would be a time saver because I make so many templates and then just drop a photo into the middle. Granted I could use photoshop and export each one as a raster image…but then I loose some of the control I have with lightburn with adjusting nodes as needed, font changes on the fly, etc.

Perhaps a different solution…if I may suggest? Being able to export/change a fill layer to an image. (Like it does in the preview!) That might be a nice work around which would not cause you grief with having to match settings?

Just like you have the trace image, maybe a trace layer which could create a raster image. Maybe it can even have a dither control so it can be solid…or a dot pattern? Again, just a suggestion which might be a really nice feature and time saver for folks like me who work with set templates and change out photos/text many times a day.


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