Image becomes distorted when I increase Lines Per Inch

Hello, as you can see my Image becomes distorted as I increase lines per inch. It does not matter much for this particular image as lower LPI produces a satisfactory result, however I have plans for trying to engrave higher-definition images in the coming weeks and want to make sure this does not become an ongoing issue.

What could be causing this and how could I fix it so I can use 400+ LPI without distortion?

Using a 50w blue and Gray Chinese laser with ruida 4226 controller. Not sure which version of light burn but I could find out if needed

If you are doing wood, as you know, the lpi can be low, since it’s difficult to make ‘small’ marks on wood.

To produce something with 400lpi you need to be able to produce a spot that is 25.4/400 or a dot that is 0.0635mm to maintain what you are burning. I can consistently produce a 0.1mm (254dpi) dot gets difficult after that.

25.4/940 is 0.027 dot size probably not possible, in my experience, with a co2… Here you are ‘over burning’ the same area. If you have a 0.1 dot size and you run it at 940 lpi. It will move 0.027 each scan, taking almost 4 scans to move the 0.1 distance.

Physics always hoses stuff up.

The material also has to be able to ‘hold’ that damage. Can’t do very well with slate as it ‘explodes’ where the laser hits and leaves a rather ‘large ding’.



This is great information and I appreciate it. Just so I’m understanding: basically, lightburn can produce these perimeters but that does not mean that my machine is capable of keeping up with them.

I will stick with ~250 LPI going forward and maybe get into the weeds of higher capabilities later on. (Or rather, probably not LOL)

Thanks for your response

I wouldn’t put it quite like that. Your machine may be able to make the correct steps to keep up. But it would be like shooting a spray can with a 1 ft diameter nozzle to paint a row onto a porous sponge, moving down an inch and doing it all again. At some point you’re not gaining the resolution you think you’re gaining.

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Yes, that is common since Lightburn (or any software) can’t determine capability on it’s own or via the controller, at least for dot size.

This file contains 0.1mm dots, you can look at it in Lightburn. Click on the ‘Zoom to frame selection’ tool, next to camera, as it’s small.

dotSize.lbrn2 (4.9 KB)

Note, the layer is in ‘pass-through’ mode.

You can run this and see what kind of dots you can product. It’s from Russ Sadler.


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