Image blurry with 4K 75 camera

I’m finally setting up my camera. I have the 4K 75 camera which is supposed to be autofocus and I successfully ran the calibration wizard (and also tried with the default for the camera - calibration wizard was better). But on the alignment tool, the resulting capture image of the cut is blurry, particularly with the targets at the bottom (front of bed). I have a 20" x 28" bed and ran the test cut at 200% size.

Any ideas of why this might be off? Should I have run the calibration tool as “fisheye” instead of standard?


‘Help → Camera Selection Help’



But I used the camera selection tool to chose a camera in the first place and it’s (according to the tool) appropriate for my bed size and mounted above the minimum height from the bed.

I changed the size of my bed in the gui, but it didn’t display a 4K camera. It could be I’m not driving the ‘help’ properly. I would think a 4k camera would be more ‘grainy’ compared to a higher resolution. More area coverage and lower resolution.


I’m sorry — I must have been tired when I first posted after fiddling with the laser for quite a while :slight_smile: I MEANT what I have is the 8MP 75 camera not “4K”. It shows a nice view of the bed and gets through calibration OK though the lighting at the back of the laser makes it a bit more difficult to get a capture at the back corners — but that looks OK. When I do the alignment test, cut the pattern and then do the capture, the targets on the bottom (front of machine) are blurry. I think this camera is autofocus and not fisheye.

I originally thought that the N-75 was autofocus, but it’s actually manual - you hook a fingernail or (carefully) a pair of tweezers around the notched ring around the lens and turn it to focus.

OK, thanks for the info. Autofocus was one of the reasons I got this one! So, I hadn’t tried to refocus it. I’ll give that a go and see if I get better results with the alignment test. Will I need to refocus it every time I use a different material/Z-height?

You shouldn’t have to - the Z height is adjusted to accommodate thicker materials or objects, but the surface of the material should always be at the focus height of the laser. As long as the laser always focuses at the same height, the distance from the top of the material to the camera is also the same, so you won’t need to redo the alignment.

Thanks…yeah, that makes sense. I haven’t go around yet to trying to focus the camera. A bit scared as I returned one already because the little lens fell out. But I’ll give it a try later today.

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