Image cutting upside

I just did get my laser going after a Leetro to Rudia swap.
I have a file that is like the text on a sheet of paper. When it started cutting it turned the paper upside down. The bottom of the page was at the top. The text was the correct direction. I fooled with user origins but that just affected where it started cutting. I know I watched a video about this, but can’t find it.


Your description is a little confusing - can you show a picture of the output, and what you had in LightBurn?

It sounds like you need to move your device origin under “Edit > Device Settings”


Oz, hopefully this will clear up any confusion. Here are some photos.

Move your Device Origin to the top left corner (is currently bottom left) and see how that goes.

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Yup - Hank is correct.

So, I moved my device origin 4 times and as you can see the circle rectangle cut the exact same place each time.
Thanks for the help! I am getting closer. There are SO many options in Lightburn and I am loving the little bit that I have used so far.

Moving the origin doesn’t change what’s sent to the laser, it flips things in the workspace. If you change the origin, you should see your shapes move around within the view, and flip. Select them and press H to flip horizontally, V to flip vertically. When the design you see matches the design on the laser, you’ve got it right.

There’s an easier way - Click this button:

Then click the Red square in the corner of the page:

Whichever corner your laser moves to when you do that is the point you have to choose for your origin.

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