Image distorted

Why is my image distorted when engraving?

Post a photo so we can help you.

Many reasons it could happen and just as many ways to fix it. We need more than 7 words to know where to start.

Using YRR 1.0

I restarted lightburn,and ran another tumbler and it came out fine. I tried to run another one immediately after that. I refocused the laser, and I did not touch any settings. This image did not come out, very distorted. What can be happening when I don’t even change any settings. I’m running at 3000/90%. If I restart lightburn again , it will work again for just one time.
Thanks Any help appreciated

Looks like it’s slipping on it’s rollers… I assume it’s a roller (wheel) rotary…

Save a copy of it’s configuration and slow down the acceleration and speed on the mugs rotating axes… the less it has to move the mug, the less this will occur…


Also Suspecting it’s the rotary. I’m investing in a chuck rotary. Perhaps this can solve the problem.’

You should be able to get this to work… many people have…

You would have to slow the Y (if that’s the rotary) down in both acceleration and speed.

I keep different device files for both rotaries and also for vector cuts, where it’s really slowed down on the roller…

Good luck


I too have had problems with things not staying connected to the rollers on my rotary. I quickly bought a chuck rotary (should have started with that!) and now I am quite happy with the results. This is from a 24v 10 watt Ortur laser. It engraves stainless steel without having to pre-treat the metal. Clean, fast and no off-gass from the dry lube. Win-Win-Win.

Thanks for the response. I’m impatiently waiting for my chuck roller and hoping it works for me. I had so much trouble connecting and getting the YRR up and running I hope I have an easier time with the YRC

I am having a similar issue with my rotary,

but I have slowed the speeds way down including changing acceleration in settings. The circle pictures was to be uniform thickness.

I’d suggest you check steps/rotation or deg/rotation whatever it is on your soft/firmware.

You get a walking image when it isn’t setup properly…

Good luck


This is a Longer Ray 5 and their rotary also, I set up the steps in both settings spots to match their recommendations, also ran a test line around the bottle to tweak the settings but still have the same issue

I don’t recall your rotary type… using the test button in the rotary gui, dose it rotate the chuck (for a chuck rotary) or the wheel one rotation and back?


It is a rotary and the test button does make it rotate. I can do simple text in a straight line, and it is fine but a round design is when the issue happens, I have made just a simple circle like in the photo and it distorts that also.

The proper amount?

If it does, you have an issue elsewhere… This would indicate the hardware and basic configuration for the rotary is working.

On the rotary?

Does it preview and work correctly without the rotary?


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