Image distortion with rotary

I am using my Neje 2s Plus to engrave on wood items (not flat sheets). I set up a rotary that consists of a stepper motor (identical to the ones on the laser) mounted on a board for my Y-axis, with a threaded rod that will screw into the bottom of the wood object. There are no belts.

When I burn the image, it comes out distorted (stretched). To avoid this, I have to reduce the width of the image by a factor of 2 to 3. Then the image looks distorted (squished) in Lightburn, but is close to OK on the burned object.

Is this an issue of recalibrating the mm/rotation in the rotary setup in Lightburn to account for the fact that I am driving a stepper motor with no belts? If so, any advice on what would be the proper settings? Is it something else I need to fix/configure?


There are two types of rotaries, wheel and chuck.

You’re is basically a ‘chuck’ type.

Lightburn needs to know how many steps for one rotation of the ‘chuck’. You will have to enter the circumference or diameter for a ‘chuck’ type. The software has to figure out the ‘surface speed’ of the object.

You need to determine the steps/rotation. I would try whatever your machine is set to for one of the other axes.

If it’s the same motor as the others and there is no ‘gear ratio’ to compute the steps/rotation should be the same or close.

I think it’s step length in grbl…

Screenshot from 2022-04-03 05-30-21

Never had to do this, good luck


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