Image edges getting burned too much

The edges of my images are getting burned which does not look great. Ideas?

Use overscanning.

Cheers for that, I will when I find out what it is and how to adjust it :slight_smile:
I am adding air assist. It is a NEJE master 2S

I am using lightburn software.

Fully briefed on overscanning, thank you - All sorted now, much appreciated.

You’re welcome, in for future, the more info you give on your problem the better answers you will receive from the forum members. We like to help, but only have what information you include in your posts to go on.

For others that stop by, Overscan is an option on the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ page for all GCode systems. DSP based motion control systems provide overscaning built directly into the motion planning of their hardware, and as such, handled by the internals of the controller.

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