Image engrave misaligns during work

Hi everyone,
I’m having trouble engraving an image. As can be seen in the attached photos, the engrave misaligns. What could this be, can someone help me please?

The machine use smoothieware (cohesion3D)

This is likely something mechanical. Check belt tension and inspect pinion gears that they are properly secured.

If not mechanical, then it could be that your stepper motors are skipping. In that case reduce acceleration and/or speed or increase torque.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t think it’s something mechanical, since that only happens with image egravings, when I engrave vectors at 300mm/s it doesn’t happen.

What type of mechanics do you have on the machine? Are you certain you’re reaching 300 mm/s in those tests?

One way or another the machine is losing steps. It’s very likely going to be either mechanical or motor related. There’s a very small chance it could be communication related but I would expect that to be accompanied with other issues.

Are you using “GCode Clustering”? If not, I’d suggest you do so since you’re on Smoothieware. That will reduce communication overhead and should improve performance.

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I enabled gCode Clustering and ran two tests with positive results.

Thank you so much @berainlb, you saved my day.

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