Image files far free

Where do you guys get some of your good quality images that are not locked up in Etsy,
Pinterest. The places that want you to buy them. I know there has got to be some places that are free, Ijust can’t find them.

I have some free files here

Some sources to try are:

Just check the licensing of anything you find as there are various types of creative commons each with different restrictions, and be sure to look for the type suitable for your use case.

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Thank Ralph
I guess i didn’t explain enough. I am looking for some files or photo images that are really detailed like dragons, lion heads, some that look 3d. I am just getting into the etching of reallistic type photo images. I am starting to mess around in adjust image with contrasr, brightness etc. I have done a few images but need to get better.
I really don’t know what files to look for other than png,jpeg, svg etc. Maybe you can point me in right direction. Alot of the images find are on Etsy. But can’t seem to pay 2-5 dollars for a image that doesn’t have the water marks in them.
Thanks again

I sometimes use Bing’s image generator for designs, I add “high contrast ink clipart” to the prompt and then use to clean up the jpg artifacts. In addition, Pixabay is a good source of art and vectors all under the public domain license, it’s of very varying quality but some contributors are excellent.

A lot of sites can be found here;

Tons of free stuff here.

Some designs here are also free. Some pretty nice ones