Image jagged and stops working

So I am working on a picture to engrave on lacobell glass (which as far as I understand is just clear glass with a coat of paint on the other side, and I am running into some issues, details etc but thats just something to iron out.

However, I am running into something that I genuinely have no idea why its happening.

these are done on the same glass, with the exact same image with the exact same setting …save that the one that actually finished I shrunk by 50%.
The first one, the bigger one has those weird jagged lines in it and then it just stopped, citing not enough workspace which is completely false, as I had more then enough space to work with.

I tried something similar a couple of weeks ago with admittedly, a much larger image of a persons head and that stopped the machine so violently that I had to reset it manually , as moving the bridge at all would produce a horrible grinding noise.

What could be causing this?
as a note, I am running on the latest version of lightburn and using a Ruida 6332G

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