Image looks black and white - burn shows speckles/grays

This is the image I want to burn vs. the way it shows up in the preview. It burns with a lot of that in between lines that show up as almost a speckle. I want just the lines.

Can someone help? What am I doing wrong or how can I resolve this?

I have tried saving the image in a few different file formats, but the same issue remains.


no luck. Im sure this is a commonly addressed issue, but I have been unable to find it. Even a link to a solution would be greatly appreciated at this point.

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Is it really 100% white? the RGB value should be 255,255,255 for pure white. If it’s not white, it’ll be considered a gray and get some power applied. I would use a grahic app, GIMP is my choice, and do a color pick on a “white” area and then look at the color details. If not pure white, I would set my color to pure white and try a fill of all the areas. There is also a color swap option but I don’t know the specifics enough to give you a step-by-step.

I looked at the image and your white color is FA(250) and not FF(255). So your white is not white.

You’re image isn’t clean. You can’t see the shading, but that “white” background is many different shades that the computer is interpreting. Same with the black.

Trace the image or process it in a graphics program to remove or flatten the background. Posterize, color select and fill or delete, etc.

Thank you guys!

This is a huge step forward for me.

Anyway to quickly set this right? Coloring white in manually would be nuts.

If I trace the image, then what?

thank you

I think I figured it out guys!

I did not realize that trace was putting the trace on top, I thought it might have just bee highlighting it.

I traced, copied - saved - reopened and imported. The preview looks good. I’ll try and run it tonight.



Draw rectangle to frame the trace. Weld. See preview.

To remove the “frame”, draw another rectangle inside the first, then boolean intersect.

FInal preview

  1. Remember, the boolean operations require both elemants be selected.
  2. There may be cleaner/faster ways to do this in LB but I’m still learning.
  3. You may want to do some node editing after the trace to get it just how you want.

Thanks for this. I am unable to get this method to work. I have no idea why, it has to be something stupid.

After the trace my output is not the same as yours even though you have provided pictures. lol.

Thank you very much for taking the time though.

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