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The new image mask tool is excellent, and I use it all the time when testing photos so that I’m only running the important bits like faces, which really speeds things up. However, I shaped the frame into a heart, to crop my image, and when it was simply applied it was working great, but when I flattened to image to make the framing permanent, it distorted the image badly. Thank goodness for “undo”! Has anyone else experienced this?

Can you please provide a screenshot of what it’s doing? Hard for me to diagnose what might be going on otherwise.
Also, what would be helpful is for you to send us a project file in the state where the image has been cropped/masked, but not flattened. If the forum won’t let you upload directly here please email it to support [at] lightburnsoftware [dot] com

Also, note: you do not really ever need to flatten an image mask. We added that because it seemed like a reasonable thing to have but functionally there’s no need to. So if you were waiting to run the laser job, just don’t flatten it yet.

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Ruby Jean Shepard, girl and baby photo.lbrn (867.9 KB)

Here’s the file, as you can see I made the frame tool layer into an heart shape. I did go ahead and run the file without flattening it, and it was fine… I agree flattening is not really a necessary step in this case. I just didn’t want to risk something getting inadvertently changed or moved.

Interesting. I can, in fact, replicate the issue - but so far only with your file. I cannot replicate it on my own.
I’m looking into it.

@AtlanticLaserWorks trying to confirm a suspicion, is there any chance you could upload the original image file here?
Not as an embedded image in the post but as an attachment?
If if doesn’t let you attach as a file, please just email to the support email listed above.
I still cannot reproduce it with anything other than your project file, so I’d like to try and start from scratch with the original image file.

@LightBurn and I were able to sort it out. Thank you for your patience and assistance.
It is in fact a bug and caused by using the Gamma, Contrast, or Brightness settings on the image.
For now I recommend just not using the flatten feature. We will have the fix in the next bugfix release.

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… and the next release with said fix should be in a day or two. We’ve been sitting on it just to make sure it’s “clean”, but I think we’re going to drop shortly.


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