Image Mirrored , Limit switch?

Using XD 1 .If set in Device setting to the top or bottom right when I open anything its Mirrored. Setting in on Bottom Left it fine . Is this something to do with limit switches ? . I have updated everything . Reinstalled Light trying to get the limit switch pop-up and nothing , what am I doing wrong ? thanks

The origin isn’t an arbitrary choice. Your laser will be designed for a certain origin setting. Yours should be set to top-left.

This is not to do with limit switches but your machine doesn’t come with limit switches does it? I thought the D1 used sensorless homing.

While you can set origin to top-left manually, ideally you’d be using the device configuration file provided by xTool on this page:
User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xtool

Note that any design including your own that was done with origin set to a different location will appear incorrect when loaded. You will need to adjust them manually.

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