Image mirrored with any option

Never happened to me. The result is mirrored, try in the device settings all 4 corners…

But I get always the same result…

Which Atomstack do you have? Normally this should be lower-left.

You will need to change any designs that were done with a different setting. However, once done, the output should match what the design looks like.

it’s Atomstack p7 m40 , tried lower left as well.
I restarted the program again, but same result… any idea how to solve it?

Can you explain in what way it’s mirrored? Are you saying that no matter the setting that they’re all married in the same way? It shouldn’t work that way. It should at least change.

Can you take a photo of your laser in its current position?

Thank you.
Yes whatever i choose i see the same result. all mirrored

and my Atomstack

Thank you

Set Origin to bottom-left. Create a simple new design and burn it. Can you take a photo of the result?

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