Image Mode (dither and Jarvis)

Ok I’ve been racking my brains out. Been running around with the dpi settings on a .png pic. I’m at 254 dpi and the preview image comes out a little darker on Jarvis and dither and when I engrave some details aren’t so promenant. Maybe a little insight on these two. My Max power I put 80. Min 10. Chinese 50w laser with Ruida.

They’re just different methods of patterning the dots. The things to really check are:

  • Can your laser make a dot that’s 0.1mm wide? (a 50w probably can)

  • Can your PSU fire fast enough to make a 0.1mm long dot at the speed you’re running

    • You said “80 power”, so this is where you’re probably messing up. To engrave at that power you’re probably running really fast, which means you’re probably missing all the small dots, which will mess up all your shading.

Remember that the preview is on your computer screen - I can’t make the dots any smaller than a pixel, so when you’re zoomed out, everything is going to look too dark. Don’t think of the preview as “this is what the end result will look like” - think of it more as “this is the path the laser is going to follow”. It’s meant for checking that the cuts are laid out correctly and following the order you want.

Got it. So reduce speed but also maybe reduce power as well. I had a diode laser before and got that nailed down. Co2, whole new ball game.

You were right. Between min power and speed and Max power it turned out better. MDF is a son of a gun when trying to fine tune