Image Mode not working, but line is

I am just setting up an Ortur machine with LB, and ran a couple successful tests with just lines drawn in the software. Whenever I import an image and try to run a dither engraving I receive an error/reset command in the panel and the signal remains busy until I restart the program. I also get a ‘cut might be out of bounds’ message every time. I am connected to a 2016 macbook pro via USB, but I can’t understand why it would work in line mode and not image.

I am having the same difficulty.

Can you please describe this differently?

This warning tells you that the movement required for this job will likely go outside the physical size of your laser. Check your speed (slow down), the overscan settings, and also consider moving the image closer to the center of the bed, providing enough room to slow for direction change.

Also check the ‘Start From’ setting for this job. This is worth a review if you haven’t already: Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

This is not really a description of the issues you are having, nor enough for us to provide helpful direction. We want to help, but the details are important. :slight_smile:

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