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Hi, I would like to engrave this image, using both fill and line options, but LB doesn’t allow me to use the line option, considering the drawing an “image” and so not permitting any other mode.
Can you help me out?Thank you

If you see that the program considers the image to be an image, it means it’s a bitmap and can be traced into vector form, allowing for the changes you require.

Note that a trace will result in double lines, separated by the thickness of the stroke. For this simple image, it will be easy to delete either the inner or outer of the result.
traced image.lbrn2 (39.3 KB)

The attached file contains the traced image (left) with both sets of lines, the center is with the inside lines deleted and the right is with the outside lines deleted. It took longer to type this post than to perform the task. Refinement is left as an exercise to the reader.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Actually the picture I posted is a bitmap.
I tried to trace myself the image and I got the three options (fill, line and offset fill), but if I choose the fill option nothing happens, I still get only the line, while if I use the picture you posted all is ok. Why? Maybe I used wrong settings in the tracing? I admit my ignorance, I’m a newbie in this kind of things

Pls forget my last post. I finally understood how to use the tracing tool and solved my problem. Your post was very useful for that. Thank you very much again. Regards from Italy, Giovanni

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