Image not burning onto rubber correctly

Hello All, I am having an issue in that when I am burning my test template in lightburn it just make outlines and the text are semi hollowed inside the text and more ramped around the text and shapes than normal.
notary test template.lbrn2 (296.6 KB)

I poked at your design and found a few things that I changed.

Does this look like what you want your result to be?

notary test template.lbrn2 (224.1 KB)

Yes sir! But the circle with the star looks a little stretched. but yes that is it as long as it engraves in reverse. lol Thanks

tx star.lbrn2 (26.2 KB)

Ok, on my machine I had to flip the graphic to get it to look like thar. I uploaded the work in progress file for you. also added a file with an improved star. you are welcome to use that.

to get the effect you were looking for, I used the text layer to punch a hole through the black layer (boolean subtract) - otherwise you were trying to burn on top of a burn, which does not work like it seems. You need to cookie cutter a place where the black layer won’t burn.

I also found a duplicate rectangle in the circle around the star (i removed it) - when you have two exact shapes stacked, it won’t burn either one.


Ok Jim Thanks. I have downloaded the star but could you add the entire file so I can check it out please.


In the link under the picture :slight_smile:

Ah ok let me check. I just woke up at 5am lol

Ok Jim I got and resized it. Now I am going to try to engrave it here in a few and I will let you know. Thanks

For a rubber stamp, you will need to engrave a reverse image. It’s hard for my brain to work on stuff that is backward (I am dyslexic enough naturally :wink: )

Happy to help anytime.

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Jim, Here is a screen shot of my work in illustrator. I hand made this file from scratch there are not any images used here. I converted all of the fonts and shapes to outlines before importing into LB. I am not sure really what the problem is as you can see everything is knocked out.

Illustrator handles the job different. Not trying to downplay your work. For a new user, you did a lot of cool stuff.

The layers in LB are like a stack of cards. Most of the time you are adding stuff to the stack. There are times when you want to leave a hole (not burn anything). In my file you can see the background grid through the no-burn area. In your file, you kept adding stuff on top of other stuff. Laser engraving is a subtractive process, coloring with paint is additive. My file is fewer layers that your imported.

Again, I am not critical about your effort. Just trying to help you see how to achieve your stated goal.

Aha! For a rubber stamp, you want the letters to be proud (standing tall over the background), so the letters will pick up the ink. Ok, I need to make a change to make the letters see through and the background needs to be burned away. Dagum! I am away from my project laptop, but I will upload again with the corrected perspective .

Jim, Take a look at this file.
notary test template 2.lbrn2 (283.1 KB)

I made 1 small change and saved the file. On my file, the white letters will stand proud over the background. The white letters will pickup the ink from your ink pad. The black areas will not transfer ink and the paper color will show through.

Use preview to watch how the project will play out.

Here is your star, zoomed in close

Here is the one I attached… Take a look at the star file I attached. You will see the differences.

Computer just crashed. Time for me to go to sleep as I work overnight .I will pick up with you when I wake up.

We are getting very close to a workable project :slight_smile:
notary test template 2-j.lbrn2 (272.7 KB)

OK Lee - I am alive again. Reach out to me if you need anything.

Have fun :smiley:

P.S. - cardboard is a great media to practice on, everyone has an Amazon box or similar. The USPS priority mail boxes make a great recycle source for laser work.

!!! The cardboard does not take much power to cut, and can catch fire easily!!!

So, start low power and stay attentive with the test runs until you get you power/speed levels under control.

Thanks, Jim for your help this was a tricky design with so many layers. I found that my ramp settings were too high and that it was for lager texts and shapes hence the large outlines on the these small detailed shapes lol. Anyways thanks again for all of your help. here is the finished sample stamp.

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Great to see you have some success. Every time I try something new, I learn. Keep up the progress and keep having fun with it.

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