Image not showing in preview or burning

Why would an image show on the work space but not in the preview and no burn?

Thanks, Duane

I show the same. May have to do them separate.

Tried that with no joy. I also opened a new file and imported it and when I go to preview the screen is black if I invert the image then screen is solid white. Going to go online and download a different file and see what happens.

Try this please
Edit → Select all

Edit _> delete duplicates
Did LightBurn find any duplicated?

If you have 2 overlapping shapes of the same exact size and shape, they will “cancel” each other out

No duplicates shape. I opened a new file with just the heart and in preview the screen was solid black and if I inverted the image preview showed a solid white screen.

Any chance you could save that file and upload it here so we can take a look please?

TEST SCROLL.lbrn2 (332.7 KB)
Hope this came through okay.

The problem seems to be primarily that you have it set to Negative
So a black heart, in the negative will be a white heart. Therefore, no engrave

I think pass-through should also be disabled

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Ok, I’ll try that. And didn’t see I had it set to pass through. Let you know what happens.

That fixed It!!! Damn your good!!! :joy: :blush: :upside_down_face:


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