Image or lines shift

dear all,
I have a question… im experiencing shift or missing parts!!
in mostly image ingraving from adobe illustrator of photoshop source (i do not have many problems with line drawings from autocad) it does not machanicaly skip, it just moves part of the image. the issue seems to be random… and after shift it usualy continues back on track…Does anybody have this problem and or nows how to solve this issue? your assistance will be highly appreciated!! regard Dimitri

BTW i have ruida controler RDV6342G (5 Mega Pixels) (SKU:LC08RDV6342G500)

speed settings are low FYI

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-12 at 10.45.31 (1)|263x500

Not sure what file format you are importing and getting the error on, but a simple fix would be to convert the image file into a Jpeg / BMP file.

What version of LightBurn under which OS? How are you connected to the AEON?