Image pasted into lightburn is so small cant see it

I copy a edited image from windows 11 paint program, and paste it into lightburn. the image is so small I have to sweep the screen with the mouse and buttun pressed to find it, then use the tabs to drag and expand to desired size, the pasted width and hight is ,0.0001x0.0002.
I have checked all settings and all seem to be correct. sorry if this has been addressed but i couldnt find a old thread.

You can use the Zoom to selection tool zoom-to-frame-selection to make it screen size … anything that’s selected.

You can also use ^A (control+A) to select all objects.

How large is this file… it much be pretty small to be shown that size.


I just did one and it came out 0.0003x305.331 inches. if I copy and paste a unedited version from the internet, it comes out fine. but it has parts I don’t want, that’s why I use paint to edit. plus its free lol

ive done that but have other images on screen that get selected sometimes

I suggest you try something like Gimp (it’s also free) and it much more powerful and a bit of a learning curve…

I’m thinking what you’re pasting into Lightburn isn’t what you think… if you save the image, how big is it, byte wise compared to the original?

Might want to save it with your editor and open it with Lightburn…


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I just tried the save and open with Lightburn but didn’t work.

Gimp doesn’t have the save as a (bmp 16 color file), to reduce the number of colors in a image, or a 2 color paint bucket, to flood and fill alternating colors to quickly reduce the amount of colors that end up getting traced by lightburn. I get better results with the type of images I use.
I didn’t have this problem before I got windows 11, and the new version of paint, so that must be it. weird… thanks for trying to help! It isn’t that bad to overcome the way it is. I was just hoping to make it better.

In Paint, with one of the images you’re trying to copy, can you go to File->Image Properties and take a screenshot?

There may be something going on there.

I’ve copied from W11 Paint without an issue.

GIMP’s Posterize tool will give you a specific number of colors, with automagic merging of similar colors.

You can also Select by Color with a tolerance, then Bucket Fill the selection with a single color.

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Thanks for the tip… haven’t tried that…

I’ve been using it for years and find new stuff all the time…


I got the same results as before by changing from pixels to inches

The second screenshot is after I sweep the screen to capture the image by lightburn before I expand it.

and then after expanding it in the 3rd.

I even cropped out the extra background to eliminate white space but got the same.

The height does not change…

Changing the pixel size won’t accomplish anything, since it’s size is not determinate. If you make it larger, you would have to be further away to see the image…

Something isn’t transferring correctly, as you surmised.

I don’t know the program you’re using so, I can’t help much…

Since the vertical size is the same before/after, I’d suspect the other software isn’t doing what you think… I’d expect both dimentions to be off by the same amount…

Good luck


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