Image prep for engraving


If I want to engrace this logo do I need to first convert it to black and white or will the program recognize the colors?

You do not need to do anything to the image prior to importing. You won’t hurt anything trying this yourself.

When I drop this into LightBurn, this is what I get.

It depends a lot on what you mean by, “will the program see the colors”. It will convert to B&W, as Rick shows above, and can be run that way directly as an image - LightBurn will use the internal dithering to shade the result.

If you mean “will LightBurn pick up each color and give me control over the power & speed for each”, no, not with an image.

You mean ‘not yet’, right?

In this case I think it’s safe to say that likely won’t happen.

How about if I convert the image to grayscale?

LightBurn does that for you when it imports an image. It’s not necessary.

If you want the image to be converted to vector shapes you’ll need to trace it, and it’ll likely need some cleanup, as there are lots of small details without much resolution.

LIghtburn does a pretty good job of translating color images to grayscale, but I’ll add that there are times when I prefer to process an image through GIMP instead to convert color to grayscale.

An example would be an image that has several different colors but when converted to grayscale perhaps 2 of the colors end up nearly the same shade of gray and you would like more contrast between them, especially if it’s 2 adjacent colors and you want to try and vectorize the image. In GIMP you can use the Hue-Saturation tool to desaturate the image and then change the lightness on 6 different color channels until you like the contrast between your shades of gray.

GIMP just gives more control over the process if you need it.
This tool is very handy for fine manipulation of grayscale images:

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