Image rastering freezing mid job

Hello, This is my first time using the forms so let me know if I am doing anything wrong. The issue I am having is during image rastering on my MPCNC running GRBL. The problem is randomly midway through the job the cnc will stop moving while the loading bar says busy and continues to count. I have tried using multiple computers to send but the same issue occurs, I have also tried this while the cnc is turned off with just my computer sending info to the arduino. The only success I have had for rastering is using a very slow speed (10-15mm/s) where anything above seems to just delay inevitable freeze later in the job. If anybody has any info that may lead me to a solution that would be fantastic! also I have linked a image of the console window where it will print out strange text before and at the instant it freezes.terminal

Can you type $i in your console and paste the response here? It looks like your controller is losing communication or getting interference of some kind in the comms.

Thank you for the quick response! after a bunch of testing I found that my arduino mega that runs the CNC was faulty and a new board solved the issue. Strange how it worked fine for non image engravings

Not so strange - Image engraving is a fire-hose of gcode compared to just about anything else you could do. It’s an excellent stress test. :slight_smile:

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