Image reversed and up is down and right is left left

Ok, so it started that my image was cutting upside down. So i flipped over and it cut the way i like to see it. Then i was moving the gantry and back was forward and right is left. Just got the machine. Previous laser all was good but it was a diode laser. Rotary is not setup, its off. Thanks

This is likely an issue with Origin setting in Device Settings.

If it’s both reversed and upside down then move the origin to the opposite corner than how it’s currently setup. It wasn’t clear if you were on a Ruida controller but if you are, then origin should match the corner to which the machine homes.

It is a ruida controller. I have set orgin in many different spots. When it cuts the picture is upside down. The movement controls have been backwards also never changed when changing orgin.
When i was using a diode laser all was good. One other thing on the move screen i don’t see the set orgin tab anymore.

Start again. Set origin to the corner which the machine homes.

Create a new design. Does it burn in the right orientation?

Are these the movement controls in LightBurn or on the control panel? Retest this after setting Origin appropriately.

You don’t set Origin in software like with diode lasers. Origin is set on control panel.

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