Image Shiffted after generating gcode

Hi Lightburn guys,
I have little problem with my Lightburn on my PC.
Everything seems to be working very good, simulation is showing as it should.
But after i generate .gcode (or any other) file and check it in Gcodeviewer, image is shiffted in a very strange way and i can not seems to understand why it is doing this. Tried to check every setting, tried to group both layers, lock them together and nothing helps, every time i just got shiffted mess like this…
Why it is not as it was on simulation when i just selected all those items and pressed simulate ? It was good there. Also when i select only one outer line and generate gcode, it is OK there, but after adding any other lines they are shifted again. Thank you for any advice on this topic, it would be very helpfull to went through this


Does the job work correctly when run from LB?

Sorry, I do not have possibility to run it directly from LB as I am importing in my gcodes throught SDcard. I have Creality CP 01 not connected, but it understand this type of gcode too. My concerns are that in Gcode viewer it makes mess like this and i have a lot of proofs that Gcode viewers like this show true cords. Also when i look at Gcode after finishing that black layer which seems to be correctly placed, Gcode after that is a lot shifted( numbers out of boundaries of my machine like in gcodeviewer etc.) so i know something gome wrong after generating gcode. In simulation everything is OK. I can share svg which im using if you could get better outcome if anybody have time. Thanks for answers and help.

I did just found out that it is because i have this svg imported already in two different layers. Do anybody know why this happened ? I tried different svg and it all came great, only single layer and everything was alingnet perfectly. So why is this happening when i have those layers alingnet ?

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