Image shift while raster engraving

So I finally got my Cohesion3D board replaced for my K40 (40Watt) since then anytime I try and Raster engrave an image it will randomly shift a random amount. Sometimes its only a few mm sometimes its a couple of inches. Ive enclosed a couple of pictures to show whats going on. The things Ive tried so far (with the help of the guys on the C3D forum) are, new better USB cable, increasing the motor current to 1.2 for both, decreasing the acceleration and seekrate. Even going to 1/4 the values that were recommended still does not solve the shifting problem. Im open to ideas. Images are done at ~250dpi at 400mm/s (was able to do up to 600mm/s with my old board) and even slowing it down to 200mm/s there was no change.

Hi Jesse,

I responded to your other post over on the C3D forum to continue troubleshooting:

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