Image shifting? What happened here?

I think I just need to go slow with this machine lol

I intentionally left off the minutia of the implementation but kept this under the umbrella of “other safeguards”. The part I was focusing on was that there’s nothing in the software that will prevent you from inputting an impossible speed, for example in the cut layer. And if you have not added safeguards such as appropriate global limits then the hardware will simply attempt to do what you’ve asked.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on there. This is either a missing steps or an offset scanning issue. What speeds were you running?

I’ve had similar issues - but mine occur in the dialog box for an image. Where you can change “dither”, DPI, etc. if I change the angle of the burn to something other than 0.0. I’ll get a shifting image burned. I can stop the burn - ONLY change the angle - using the same object that’s not been moved - and it comes out perfectly.

I’m assuming my engraver stinks trying to kept track when the burn is at some other angle than 0.0. Which doesn’t make sense - raster is raster - dots is dots - but don’t hung about changing that setting really screws things up.

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