Image test issues

I am trying to dial in my 80w c02 laser to cut some mdf. I have a test card from Omtech. On the grayscale portion going from 10% to 100% it seems to act as it should with 1 exception.

In Jarvis, the image is straight and square. In greyscale it is curvy. Any reason why that would make a difference?

I have pics but not sure how to load them?

C02 80w, trocen controller.

Trying to cut 1/2 mdf but that may be really pushing this machine?

Thanks for any tips.

You can drag and drop, or use copy and paste, or hit the ‘Upload’ button and follow the prompts. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip on loading images.

Here are the 2 tests that I tried. Not sure why they loaded upside down?

Everything looked ok to start until the engraving test. After just changing to grayscale the squares are
curvy and even the text looks slanted? What would make that happen? Is there something in the settings I can change?

I have not tried any of the other engraving settings as I ran out of time. I still have to try and dial in the power settings for this (1/2" mdf). Not sure if my 80w Chinese machine will be able to cut that thick?

One issue at a time I guess.

Thanks for any tips and suggestions.

80w Chinese Blue and White
Win 10
Trocen TL-3120 controller

What does the original art look like? Also show what this looks like in ‘Preview’ window (click the TV looking icon near top-center). image :slight_smile:

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