Image versus fill

I have tried to paste some images into Lightburn, using a general copy and paste of an svg, to make personalized ornaments for my students. Sometimes they paste in as an image and burn beautifully, sometimes they paste as a fill/line and I would like to switch them to an image with dithering but I can’t figure out how to do so. Any videos/suggestions of where I can go to learn/understand this properly?

If you see the artwork on the Image layer it is a bitmap picture and this layer selection is automatically set and cannot be change. LightBurn detects that the art is a raster image and set things up for you, providing the dithering and image production options appropriate for these types of art.

All other artwork in LightBurn is vector-based designs which require different tools and settings as they are prepared for production.

Could this be what is happening?

I think so, yes. Does that mean I have to set each vector design with different settings? If so, is there a video link that you could share with me to figure it out again? I’m super rusty after our covid shutdown. Thank you for your response

What software are you using to copy the images from? Illustrator, for example, will copy content as vectors and LightBurn will paste them. If there’s a way you can export as an image, then you could load that image into LightBurn.

Simple copy and paste from free svg websites. I can try download and upload?

That would do the same. I would recommend InkScape, as SVG is the native format there. In InkScape it’s easy to select your shapes and export as a PNG, and then just bring that into LightBurn.

Got it. Thank you!

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