Image won't resize?

Hi folks, I’m using a genmitsu lc40. When I’m resizing in lightburn, using select all and using the arrows to shrink and expand the picture, it stays the same size when engraving, whatever I do…? How do i get it to change to the size its showing on the grid?

Try drawing a circle with Ø100 mm, then you can change the size in length and width settings or in percentages. If you lock the aspect ratio, it is enough to enter the value in only one of the fields. It is a “live” process, i.e. shapes change immediately.
The same also works for a group of selected shapes.

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I guess you enabled “pass-through” as image mode. The image size is derived from the image itself/internal DPI value. If you want to have full control, choose one of the LB image algorithms like grayscale or dithering (depending on material and requirements).

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Sorry, where do I find this?

The doc on images:

The Pass-through switch:

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Here’s where to find the pass- thru button.