Images are badly burned

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Hello, I’m Thomas from Germany. I bought a cheap laser from keecheer BX20 for testing the laser world.
I’ve been testing with LightBurn for 6 weeks to laser image. All pictures are always black and white and badly burned. the laser works, because with the original program from vigo-Tic, I can laser pictures.
how can I attach or send pictures. I could send the parameter settings as a snipping tool


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In the layer settings switch to Jarvis in order to get it working. Grayscale needs a lot of testing to find the right settings.

Stelle mal aufJarvis in den Ebenen Einstellungen um. Graustufen ist recht schwierig und benötigt ne Menge Tests um die richtigen Einstellungen zu finden.

In the laser, change to $32=1 to enable laser mode, which should help.

7.5% power is quite low - you will probably need to go higher than that. Using a dither mode with a higher DPI value should be easier than grayscale. Try using Jarvis dither and 250 DPI.

Select the image, then right-click and choose Show Properties:

Try these settings:

now i’m back and test your tips

I have set all settings as suggested
I test with dither and jarvis
Laser 9%
it always burnd

the laser burnd always black.
I had the same problem with the original software from Vigo-Tec. Here are the smallest value for gray is set to 10%. Only when I changed this to 1% did the pictures become good. Maximum value there was 7.5%.
see the well lasered image above
can it be that the postprocessor does not fit on my keecheer laser?

This seems more like your firmware has a bug. The settings you showed earlier have $30 set to 1000 and $32 set to 0. Did you change the $32 setting?

Running grayscale with Min 1% and Max 7.5% should burn almost nothing, unless your hardware is outputting about 10x more power than it is being asked to, or going much slower than it should. I don’t see anything in your settings that implies that is happening, but your images are way darker than other systems running similar settings.

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These are my current settings

I changed the $30 from 0 to 1, but behind the new start $30 is
changed to 0
I go to Konsole
The list comes
Now I see $32=1
close Lightburn
start Lightburn
I go to Konsole
The list comes

what I`m doing wrong?

It is possible that your device has a custom version of GRBL that is forcing the settings to certain values. I have seen this before, and it’s always incredibly frustrating. The only way to fix that is to re-flash the controller with proper firmware. You could contact whoever you purchased from to see if they can tell you if this is intentional or not.

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