Images placed in Lightburn will not export to SVG for burning in Whisperer

OK, relatively new although have done a lot with Inkscape Gimp and Whisperer . I have been trying to learn Lightburn, but have stock K40, so exporting to SVG, open and burn with Whisperer. My problem is I cant get images that I have plonked in Lightburn to export at all - lots of different png, jpg etc?

Can Lightburn even export images or only vector content?

SVG is vector. It can’t, by definition, export any of your bitmapped content in a file.

Bo, I think that’s not true. I can import a bitmap to Inkscape, add some vector stuff, save as SVG and successfully import the whole file to Lightburn.

And wikipedia claims: “SVG allows three types of graphic objects: vector graphic shapes such as paths and outlines consisting of straight lines and curves, bitmap images, and text.”

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Hmm. Just had a try at it and although I can import SVG with image from Inkscape to Lightburn, I can’t export SVG with image form Lightburn to Inkscape. So I guess it’s a Lightburn issue with export.

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I just did it

It contains bitmaps just fine. Who knew? Thanks Hank.

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Still does not work for me - OPENING in whisperer after EXPORTED from Lightburn as SVG

Its an issue with Inkscape

I can enclose a bitmap in an SVG and read it using Safari, AI, on Mac. When I open it in Inkscape on the Mac or PC, it knows there’s something there, but cannot display it.

No it is not Inkscape. even if I dont use Inkscape at all, I have the problem opening the exported file from Lightburn in Whisperer.

How, how :grin::sunglasses:

Whisperer needs Inkscape. It won’t show images without it

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